Turn your voice notes into actionable insights.

With SpeakNotes, you can easily transcribe and summarize your voice notes using advanced AI technology. Say goodbye to hours of manual note-taking and hello to organized, actionable insights.

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Effortlessly turn your voice into text with SpeakNotes.

Say goodbye to tedious note-taking. With SpeakNotes, simply speak and let our AI technology transcribe and summarize your voice notes instantly. Save time, stay organized, and never miss important details again. it.

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Save time and never miss a detail with accurate voice-to-text transcription

Don't waste time manually transcribing your voice notes. With SpeakNotes, our advanced AI algorithms provide highly accurate voice-to-text transcription, saving you time and ensuring you never miss an important detail again. Stay organized and efficient with SpeakNotes.

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Break language barriers with SpeakNotes

Don't let language be a barrier to productivity. With SpeakNotes, you can transcribe and summarize voice notes in multiple languages. Communicate effectively with anyone, regardless of the language they speak.

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Organise your notes

Create multiple folders to seamlessly organize your notes. Keep your notes structured and easily accessible by creating folders within SpeakNotes. Whether you want to categorize notes by topic, project, or any other criteria, our organizational features have got you covered.

Unleash the Power of Your Voice with SpeakNotes.

Efficiency is key to productivity, and with SpeakNotes, it’s never too late to streamline your note-taking process. Harness the power of AI to convert and summarize your voice notes effortlessly.

  • Curate Diverse Ideas

    Capture and condense information from a wide range of topics to maximize learning and creativity.

  • Upload existing voice notes

    Export your raw audio/video from any other note-taking platform and let SpeakNotes transcribe and summarize it.

  • Combine multiple notes

    Combine 2 or more notes to create a general summary, great for if you want to take multiple voice notes for one subject.

  • Export your summary as an image

    Export your summarized voice note as a beautiful image, ready to share.

  • Easy Search and Retrieval

    Swiftly locate specific transcriptions within your overall archive for improved efficiency.

  • In-app Editing Capabilities

    Make edits directly to your transcriptions within the app, fine-tuning them for optimal accuracy.

Start Streamlining Your Notes Today

It only takes 30 seconds to sign up. Download SpeakNotes, create your account today, and dive into the convenience of effortless note-taking and summarizing.

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Absolutely Free, Optional Pro Upgrade

Whether you're a busy individual seeking efficiency or a growing enterprise stepping up productivity, we offer SpeakNotes totally free for you. Enhance your experience with additional features in our Pro version tailored just for your advanced needs.

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Just getting started with voice notes? This is perfect for you. Get on board for free.

  • Unlimited transcriptions
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Supports all languages
  • One-click note sharing

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Ready to amplify productivity to new heights? Upgrade your experience with Pro.

  • Extended voice note duration
  • Export summary as Image
  • Edit Original Transcription
  • Combine Multiple Notes
  • Upload Audio/Video Files

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How accurate is the transcription service?

      Our AI-powered app is designed to produce very high accuracy transcriptions. And remember, your satisfaction fuels our business, hence we ensure optimal results. Put us to the test and be amazed by the accuracy.

    • Can SpeakNotes translate different languages?

      Absolutely! The app has been developed with multi-language functionality. It's like having multinational assistance in your pocket.

    • What about my privacy?

      Your privacy is paramount for us. We are strictly a voice-to-text service provider; we don’t engage in any illegal activities or violate user trust in any form.

    • Are users aware of data usage policy?

      Certainly! Our terms of use and data policy are clearly outlined when users download SpeakNotes. It's their prerogative and responsibility to go through them thoroughly.

    • Where is SpeakNotes based?

      We're an online-forward company serving users globally, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

    • Is there any age restriction to use SpeakNotes?

      For our free plan, users must comply with the legal age requirement stipulated by your local law for using apps involving data sharing. However, our Pro plan is accessible to a broader user base without age restrictions.

    • How can I upgrade to Pro version?

      Just head over to the 'Upgrade' section in our app. There you can select and subscribe for the Pro version effortlessly. Once done, you'll gain immediate access to additional features.

    • Are my notes saved?

      You are not required to sign up to the app but if you don't your notes will only be stored locally, to back them up in the cloud you will need to sign up for an account.

    • Does the app work offline?

      Unfortunately the app requires an internet connection to access the AI models used to transcribe and summarize your voice notes.